10 Best Badminton shoes in 2020

Do you know You can’t play badminton with your running or any other sports shoes . Because Badminton shoes are No mark shoes and special kind of shoes .

Unlike your regular sneakers, training shoes or sport shoes, badminton Shoes come with thinner soles that are custom-fit to lower the center of gravity.

They help in maintaining apex stability while at the same time minimizing chances of feet injuries. Popular models are also airy for weight cut to enable you to achieve great lateral movement and general athletic performance effortlessly.

For a win against your opponent, the thumb rule is, you must be faster enough to catch up with every shot and hit the racket back powerfully to strategic points on the opposite side of the court.

It means you must maintain high-level traction and grip to avoid missteps, slip-offs, and even injuries while at the same time maintaining high-end accuracy. That is where the best Badminton shoes comes in.

However, not all shoes for badminton will suit your primary gaming needs. This article will show you how to identify a great pair of badminton shoes depending on your feet arch and the metrics to keep in mind when buying badminton shoes online or off the rack.

Lastly, we have curated an exclusive list of ten best badminton shoes that have stood the test of time for their edgy designs and supportive elements that are second to none. 

Why badminton specific shoes?

Before dashing out your dime for any gaming or training shoe, you should ask yourself whether the model is badminton-specific. For a shoe variant to qualify for premium certification or approval, it must meet: 

What type of Badminton Court

Badminton gaming takes place on a score of courts—wooden surfaces, cemented floors, PU courts—just to mention a few.

Different manufacturers are making shoe models that are only specific to a particular type of court. For example, when gaming on a PU court, you will need a gum rubber shoe for maximum traction and grip.

On the other hand, when gaming on a cemented court, rubber shoes are your ideal bet. Whatever you chose should be slip-free for protection.

Your cushioning needs

On the court, you will always be on your feet deflecting or generating strikes from or to your opponent. You will occasionally lift the feet, jump, lunge, or bend.

These postures create a substantial amount of shock that can lead to knee pain during or after the match.

Additionally, when on toes, the bodyweight distributes unevenly from the toe to the heel area. This move causes a stretch on the fascia ligament, hence may lead to heel pain or plantar fasciitis.

Badminton specific shoes feature unique cushioning elements that absorb the shock. They will protect you your feet from overpronating while at the same time distributing the bodyweight evenly from the toe to the heel area for maximum comfort.

Ankle support needs

Extreme angles while making strikes can cause pressure around the ankle area hence resulting in pain. For this reason, badminton specific shoes come with premium padding around the mouth and ankle area to guarantee quality care and protection.

Qualities to look out for in the best shoes for badminton


Gaming shoes for badminton come in different designs and size fits. You do not want to land something that will press your toes or feel uncomfortable around the heel. Also, large fits always feel loose hence affecting stability.

If you opt to buy badminton shoes online, make sure that you know your number. You can also skim through the reviews from previous users to know whether there is the need to jump to the next number when making your order since extra cushioning may affect the sizing.

On the contrary, when you chose to land your shoe offline, it’s prudent to test it beforehand to make sure that it feels comfortable around your feet. Most store owners recommend going for the shoes during the afternoon since, at this time, your feet shall have expanded. As a result, there are negligible chances that whatever you test for will come out small a day or week later.

2 .Ergonomic body

Ergonomic shoe models fit well around the feet and provide maximum arch support. Contoured footbed and ergonomic outsole are an added advantage since they offer the best heel and ankle support. 

3. Weight

To cut the weight heft, look for an airy and light-weight variant. Such models guarantee excellent ease of maneuverability and save gamers extra energy that they could otherwise use to carry the gear around the court area. 

4. Quality of insoles

The sole quality determines how the shoe is cushioned. First, choose removable insoles. They guarantee the most significant value due to their ease of maintenance when it comes to washing. You can also replace them with other comfortable variants such as orthotic insoles.

Secondly, choose arch-supportive padding. You can go for scanning to determine your arch. For high-arch, your orthopedist may recommend shoes for badminton with extra medial cushioning.

If you are low-arched, models with extra paddings around the margin may be ideal. Finally, for the regular arched, any uniform padding can guarantee the best return value.


Do you know why most athletes prefer mesh-fibered shoes? They are not only good-looking but also highly breathable. These types of shoes allow for an excellent flow of air inside them hence minimizing cases of smelly feet and development of boils.


Your choice of shoes should not necessarily be high-priced. Anything that meets all the above metrics can be your ideal option, devoid of how low-priced it is. Otherwise, focus on how durable the models are.

1. Asics Gel Rocker 8

Asics Gel Rocker 8 is a famous shoe model among most badminton aficionados due to its agility. It boasts of a grippy underside and excellent midsole construction that makes it an ideal for swift movement and on-court manoeuvrability.

 When you look at the outsoles, you will realize that they not only feature strong materiality for compact protection. They also merge simplicity with a unique kind of softness for shock absorption. That is why the model is also a lot of basketball and volleyball players’ favorite.

If you are on the lookout for a breathable shoe for badminton, then here it is. The Rocker Gel 8 by Asics uses breathable top over ergonomic soles to provide a roomy housing for the feet without compromising on the arch support. The model uses low-to-the-ground sole construction to provide stability while also allowing for ease of nimble.


  • Fairly priced
  • Regular fit and custom fit option
  • Excellent heel support
  • Excellent insoles
  • Light-weight and breathable fabric


  • The collar may feel lose depending on the biological make-up of your ankle.

2.Yonex Men’s Eclipsion x Badminton Shoes

If you are an ardent fan of Yonex Men’s badminton shoes, then you should not miss out on this model. The spectacular release features extra features that Yonex company added to their recent releases for maximum efficiency and comfort.

First, the shoe comes in a sturdy architecture with custom-fit value. It starts extra tight and may press the feet when you adorn it for the first time. However, with time, it takes the shape of the feet, become roomy and comfortable while at the same time providing a perfect-match ankle and heel support.

Second, Exclipsion X falls under the category of Yonex shoe sale that uses the Hexagrip technology for maximum stability during multidirectional movement. Its midsole is material-ToughBrid for elasticity and shape retention. Not to mention, the midsole also features EVA cushioning technology for maximum aesthetic appearance and comfort.


  • Ergonomic shape
  • Custom-fit
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Excellent traction and grip


  • May feel uncomfortable for the first time.

3. Power Cushion Aerus 3 Men’s Indoor Court Shoes

Power Cushion Aerus 3 by Yonex is a go-to indoor badminton shoe due to its excellent grip and light-weight body. It comes in a breathable Double Russel Mesh upper with vents to keep your toes fresh in whatever type of environment. However, the vented top is durable enough to stand forces of wear and tear.

For the midsole, power Cushion Aerus 3 features msLite EVA soles that are ten times lighter than regular soles. They come with fine-grained molecules that absorb shocks when moving and reverses the impact energy for maximum protection.

To cut on the weight heft,  Aerus 3 uses lighting material that consists of less stitched high-quality nylon meshes weighing approximately 270 grams. The upper fabric is also breathable and does not compromise longevity. 


  • 10X more light-weight
  • 25% more cushioned compared to previous models by Yonex
  • Regular fit
  • 12% more repulsive compared to previous models by Yonex


  • Starts small

4. Yonex Power Eclipsion z Badminton Shoes

Yonex’s Eclipsion Z is popular for its elastic resin, a modification that the company added to the model to achieve an all-round performance in both tennis and badminton gaming.

As a result, you can count on the shoes for both the games.

The shoe features the New Power Cushion+ properties that consist of Syncro-fit insoles, elongated TPU sections, and Hexagrip soles.

For maximum stability, the shoe comes with a power graphite plate that is strategically inserted under the middle portion of the footbed to help with faster lateral movement.


  • 20% lighter EVA Soles
  • Round soles provide 3% more grip
  • Regular fit
  • 12% more repulsive
  • Hyper-elastic


  • The EVA insoles may not be breathable enough as compared to ordinary soles

5. YONEX Power Cushion 65 Z2 Men’s Indoor Court Shoe (Black/Blue)

Secure the latest variant of  Yonex power cushion badminton shoes by shopping for model 65 Zs, a low profile shoes with remarkably improved traction and grip. The shoe comes handy with comfort plus looks consisting of a less stitched synthetic upper for a natural fit. Like most power cushion+ models by Yonex, 65 Z2 flagship is a shaped reticular patterned upper consisting of consistently spaced channels and depth. During an impact, the channels change shape to absorb the maximum shock. When you raise the feet, they return with the excellent repulsive force for maximum comfort.

The round soles take into account the HexaGrip technology hence allowing players to achieve speed gaming without compromising on comfort. Yonex 65 Z2 is popular among world men’s singles. As of now, 13 of the top 20 amateurs adorn this shoe model for their games.


  • Toe assist shape for toe support
  • Lateral shell for multidirectional movement
  • Regular fit
  • Breathable and durabletop
  • ToughGrid Light technology


  • Inconsistent sizing

6. Asics Gel Up Court 3

If you are looking for a grippy, well-built badminton shoe mens with a reasonably priced tag, then Asics Upcourt 3 has you covered. 

The model is another Asics top series that features an improved fit that makes it an all-round shoe for both badminton, tennis, and volleyball games.

Its seamless design is a combination of the lateral shell that prevents from sliding.

EVA soles for feet protection and comfort, and ergonomic outsoles for increased repulsive effect.

One thing that is exceptional about this model is its light-weight nature that is attributed to its breathable mesh nylon tops.


  • Seamless design with an excellent aesthetic appeal
  • Regular fit
  • Reasonable price tag
  • It weighs approximately three times less than your regular shoe.

 It is generally a good shoe for starters, intermediate, and novice badminton players.


  • May provide negligible ankle support depending on your arch

7 Asics Men’s Gel Tactic 2

Asics Men’s Gel Tactic 2 is a multipurpose shoe that features round-shaped outsoles for a regular fit, maximum heel-toe support, traction, and grip. It is highly efficient for both outdoor and indoor badminton.

Like other Asics series, Gel Tactic 2 uses removable arch supportive EVA insoles for shock absorption, repulsive effect, and stability. You can count on the shoe for premium support when playing over any type of terrain.


  • Supremely cushioned for comfort
  • ●        Elastic but durable fabrics that will last you months
  • ●        Outsoles offer better grip
  • Regular fit and custom fit option


  • Starts small

8.Puma Invicto Sala

Puma Invicto Sala is a low-profile shoe by Puma, an esteemed manufacturer whose releases in lifestyle-sports apparels rock among millions of lovers. However, for this model, Puma kept Futsala and badminton players in mind while working to improve its traction and general balance.

These shoes for badminton are a perfect combination of 100% leather and suede body for breathability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. It comes with an ergonomic rubber outsole with toe enforcement for protection against impact and general foot support.

Puma Invicto Sala is highly efficient as both men and women’s shoes for badminton. Its removable insoles are replaceable with orthotic insoles hence maximizing on the comfort.


  • Multifunctional architecture
  • Reinforced toe area
  • Roomy footbed for a regular fit
  • Custom fit option


  • Starts small

9.Mizuno Women’s Wave Lighting Z WOMS BK-0ZL

Mizuno women’s Wave lighting Z is an advancement of Mizuno Wave 13 that features innovative updates for enhanced efficiency and design. It utilizes an open mesh technology that consists of stitched overlays for maximum durability and breathability. It is your ideal bet when looking for women badminton shoe with stretchable tops for a dynamic fit.

Mizuno Women’s badminton shoe is a product of the popular Mizuno Cloud Wave technology for reliable support and premium cushioning. It uses fan-shaped wave plates to offer flexible ride when moving laterally on the court area. The cushions also promote guidance and excellent toe-heel transitioning for maximum comfort.

This 100% synthetic low-top badminton court shoes feature dynamization flex grooves for enhanced agility. It comes with non-marking outsoles that guarantee high-level traction for both indoor and outdoor badminton.


  • Reliable traction
  • Enough stability
  • Three size fits (9, 9.5, 10 wide)
  • Durable top


  • Outsole maybe slightly narrow for low-arched

10. YONEX Power Cushion 35

Power Cushion 35 is a legendary Yonex Women’s Badminton shoe that uses the EVA midsole and open mesh technologies for an adaptive and comfortable fit. It comes with a highly breathable 100% polyurethane and polyester top that is uniquely shaped for maximum aesthetic appearance.

For the out soles, this Yonex Women’s shoe uses an ergoshape rubbers that are round-shaped for quick footwork and lateral movement. It also takes into account the HexaGrip technology for agility and maximum protection.

The Yonex Power Cushion 35 absorbs shock and reverse it. Added its roomy toe box and lace-up design, the model is a perfect choice of a shoe to gift for someone. You will always love it’s simple and appealing packaging box.


  • Available in three size fits (UK 5, 5.5 and 6)
  • Power cushioning technology for maximum support and comfort
  • ergo shape outsole and midsole


  • Come in a slightly small size. Go for half the recommended shoe number.


Every move in professional badminton gaming matters as it can either advance or thin your winning chances. By securing the best badminton shoe , you will stand head higher above your opponents when it comes to traction, grip, and general comfort. Secure one of the shoes above and puff life into your badminton matches for better career life. 

Which is your favourite Shoe ?

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