The Best Badminton Shoes – Top 10 Guide By The Designer

These reviews will show you what the best badminton shoes are!

A guide written by shoe designers for in-depth analysis to improve your game.

Use the review table below or scroll further down for my fully comprehensive reviews.

ShoesPriceMy Rating
Yonex SHB-SC5 MXCheck Price7.9
Babolat Shadow Spirit Badminton ShoesCheck Price8.0
ASICS Women’s Gel UpcourtCheck Price9.8
ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 7Check Price9.5
Yonex Power Cushion 46Check Price9.5
Yonex SHB01LTDCheck Price9.7
Yonex “Lee Chong Wei” EditionCheck Price9.9
Limited Edition Yonex Men’s Power CushionCheck Price9.9
Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4Check Price9.9
Yonex PC SC-6Check Price9.8

This guide will explain the pros and cons of every shoe type such as (but not limited to) the best badminton shoes for ankle support and the best badminton shoes for beginners.

Yonex SHB-SC5 MX Badminton Shoes

best badminton trainers

The Yonex SHB-SC5 MX Badminton Shoe is intended for most extreme stability and offer the player with definitive padding for solace and insurance for their lower legs and feet.

It accompanies an improved P.U cowhide and polyester work. This cowhide adds to its sturdiness as well as gives it a pleasant look, while the polyester work guarantees better ventilation.

In the padded sole, is a ToughBird, Power Pad and T.P.U innovation. This padding ingests the effect and puts off the worry from lower legs and knees.

Though on its outsole, a Hexagrip characteristic elastic is introduced that not just gives you a decent hold while bouncing or rushing, it likewise gives a light vibe and builds your speed.

By and large, these shoes are truly agreeable and come at a truly reasonable cost.

ToughBird innovation for power padding
U. Leather with polyester work for better ventilation
TPU padded sole which includes additional help
Hexagrip sole for better hold and affect retention
Appealing structure and super-agreeable

Restricted size choices

Check Price

Babolat Shadow Spirit Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoes 2019

With regards to comfort, you’ll just discover it in Babaolat Shadow. It includes a thin cast which folds over your feet like a plume. The flexible wraps inside further give a pleasant grasp and fit the shoes superbly.

You won’t have to lace it up too tightly.

Since steadiness and hold are what makes a difference the most, Shadow Soul offer it to the best of its capacity. Regardless of whether it be bouncing, sliding or rushing, you’ll get an ideal grasp and works to perfection. S

Since it has level soles, it holds sufficiently tight and keeps you from falling over just in the event that you venture on a dab of perspiration.

The base sole has designs made that empower great horizontal development and halting force. A ton of badminton shoes do not have a decent example that gives a tight grasp on the floor.

Performance wise, you’ll instantly feel the speed and lively developments. It isn’t completely level on the ground, which is an or more point, as it offers a snappier change in direct since you won’t delay your development.

Light in weight
Fantastic ventilation
Remarkable pace
Moderate cost

Less padding

Check Price

ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt

Good badminton trainers for women

This is the sort of badminton shoe which has an altogether different structure and accompanies a straightforward blend of hues. In spite of the fact that the plan is basic however the execution is savvy, nothing beats ASICS.

In spite of the fact that your first response subsequent to unpacking this exemplary pair would not be something phenomenal, once you venture on the court, you’ll become more acquainted with the fact you have found something amazing

Despite the fact that its sole is quite thin however, this doesn’t influence the solace and steadiness that it gives. An or more point here is the better focus of gravity and damage avoidance.

What’s astonishing about these shoes is, notwithstanding utilizing them thoroughly, you’ll scarcely notice and mileage on the shoe.

While the white material may make it grimy and you’ll need to take additional consideration, generally, it looks extremely smooth and straightforward.

The padding on the inner sole is truly astonishing. It rapidly assimilates the effects of your bounces or another lively development alongside giving an extravagant vibe as you wear.

In general, this combine is flawless to enhance your athletic execution on the court and comes at a respectable cost.

Produced using imported material and with the most astounding quality principles
Elastic sole with a gum elastic outsole
Additional padding

Simply appearance
The white material requires additional consideration

Check Price

ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 7

badminton shoes designed for cement courts

With an astonishing feel and ergonomics, ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 7th gen is the next big thing in the badminton amusement, and it is ensured to enhance your execution.

What makes it distinctive shape ASICS ladies’ is the mind-blowing structure and neck-turning appearance with top-notch highlights.

The primary wearing knowledge is agreeable, and this is the thing that makes this match remarkable. The front bending some portion of the shoe may feel less level however, it has an or more point amid the diversion since you’ll be putting fewer endeavors into turns.

Within the shoes has a propelled gel padding framework which isn’t found in the vast majority of the badminton shoes. It gives a truly agreeable feel.

Likewise, its elastic outsole will give you a ton of footing and a superior grasp while bouncing or moving back and forward on the court.

What’s more, in spite of the shoes may show up intensely stacked with highlights, they are still light in weight and weight approx. 350g.

For parallel developments, you’ll get the best dependability and bolster that averts wounds and takes off worry from your knees and lower legs.

Since lower leg development must be amazingly adaptable amid the diversion; these shoes don’t have tight support around them.

Overall, you’ll feel extraordinary and play shockingly better wearing these badminton shoes.

Imported material with elastic sole
Formed EVA padded sole for padding and additional help
GEL Padding that gives an excessively agreeable feel and retains impacts

Restricted size alternatives

Check Price

Yonex Power Cushion 46 Men’s Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoes for beginners

These badminton trainers are acclaimed for its power cushioning highlight which can ingest the stun much effect when contrasted with the ordinary pads and in a flash switches the impact energy, bringing about a smooth exchange for your next attack.

It accompanies a new shading and style that will make the heads turn and give you an agreeable vibe while on the court.

These badminton shoes are basically reasonable and have been deductively shaped to give greater solidness in the front edge and toe territory.

This is conceivable in light of the fact that the ergoshape is in place.

The front of the shoe is somewhat level than bent, and however this may build the push to make a turn, these boots will enhance your execution and speed amid the diversion.

Incredible execution requiring little to no effort
Places vitality vigorously
Grasp and equalization
Ergoshape gives better dependability

No downsides

Check Price

Yonex PC SC-6 Badminton Shoes

Best badminton shoes for beginners

Make proper acquaintance with one of the first class and top of the line combine from Yonex, worked from PUT calfskin, twofold Russel, work and Kuraster.

What’s astonishing about this match is the elastic outsole with a flexible padded sole alongside Power Graphite Light and Power Pad, which assimilates impacts, builds your speed and puts exceptionally negligible weight on your lower legs and knees.

Its hexagrip offers better strength on those thorough developments, and the power pad is tri-layered and intelligently structured.

The top and base layer is hard and assimilates over 30% stun while the center extravagant layer goes about as an exchange of vitality for better turn around development.

You’ll adore its Twofold Russel Work that isn’t just inconceivably light in weight yet in addition solid. It gives multiple times better ventilation and keeps your feet dry.

The Quattro Fit is an exceptional innovation that was structured by the YONEX group, and it offers the best dimension of solace and grasp for your feet amid the diversion.

Amazingly comfy
Exceptional grasp
Multiple times better ventilation
Better curve bolster

Configuration is to some degree customary

Check Price

Yonex SHB01LTD Badminton Shoes

best badminton shoes

On the off chance that you haven’t been fortunate to discover comfort in badminton shoes, the time you kick away every one of the choices you had as a primary concern and go for the last time for the Yonex SHB01LTD.

These are unarguably the comfiest, non-slip and high performing badminton shoes.

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have much ventilation, you still won’t feel any aggravation while playing. It might likewise feel hard the first occasion when you wear it; in any case, delayed use will diminish it up in the blink of an eye.

Its soles are made to offer grasp and dependability. It really has a two-piece sole. The sole base attempts to keep the slide while the inward sole guarantees grasp as you bounce or thrust.

In general, these shoes are truly decent and perform well on the badminton court. The main potential disadvantage it has is less ventilation.

Offers the dependability and grasp you require amid the diversion
Entirely agreeable
Tough and Reasonable
Appealing plan

Somewhat less ventilation

Check Price

Yonex SHB01LTD “Lee Chong Wei” Edition

limited edition badminton shoes

In the event that you are an extremely forceful player who is continually attacking, hopping and crushing the bus in the court, at that point you certainly require the Lee Chong Wei release of the Yonex badminton shoes.

It executes that devastatingly quick footwork much better while giving you the solace, security and Yonex innovation all inside your shoes.

The Lee Chong Wei version accompanies a P.U. Cowhide that makes it strong as well as gives it a decent and smooth look. You’ll adore the glossy surface to finish everything.

Twofold Russel Work is introduced that expands its capacity to ventilate by multiple times, guaranteeing that your feet don’t get excessively warm and wet amid the diversion. Having your feet dry amid the diversion is really basic. Else, it will occupy you from your opposition.

It’s control pad innovation is what’s the most adored by its clients. This padding framework not just retains the effect from your thorough developments, however it likewise gives the turn around vitality, which expands the speed of your developments.

Its outsole is made of elastic, making it ideal for indoor play, though the padded sole has Power Graphite Sheet, which offers a great solidness and hold as well as makes the shoes agreeable for you.

Execution insightful, these shoes are worked to upgrade your speed and deftness amid the diversion. You’ll cherish playing with them.

Power pad for better effect ingestion
U. leather for sturdiness
Twofold Russel Work which offers multiple times better ventilation
Strong EVA

Marginally costly

Check Price

Limited Edition Yonex Men’s Power Cushion SHB-02 LTD 

best badminton shoes

The Yonex Men’s version is a limited editon one, and that is a direct result of its superior highlights. These shoes have symmetrical fit with an ergoshape that gives better help and solidness, enhancing your footwork amid the amusement.

Its upper is made of P.U. Calfskin for solidness and a Twofold Russel Work which offers better ventilation and keeps your feet dry.

Its padded sole is outfitted with ToughBird Light, Power Pad, Strong E.V.A. what’s more, the T.P.U innovation for solace, affect assimilation and hold.

What makes it emerge from different shoes is the additional layer of sturdy skin to finish everything. This likewise results in a superior appearance.

The ergoshape, which I talked about before, additionally results in quicker and precise footwork and upgrades your execution on the court.

Brilliant Red restricted version
Entirely reasonable cost
Produced using imported material
Offers an ideal parity of solace, toughness and weight

No downsides

Check Price

Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4

good badminton shoes

Adidas is a brand perceived as superb around the world, and their brandishing gear is no different.

The Ligra 4 is most likely the best badminton shoes for men that are worked to the most elevated quality benchmarks and to help your execution.

While these shoes are alluring, they additionally avoid sliding on the court. The footing it gives is exceptionally amazing, on account of the mix of elastic material utilized in its underside.

The shoes have been really structured by seeing how the badminton players make forceful moves and bends on the court.

Concerning, it has no match. You get what you pay for, and it ensures durable quality that can withstand the substantial weight of thorough developments in the badminton court.

The engineered material utilized in its assembled makes it solid, sturdy and ultra-adaptable.

With regards to execution on the court, you’ll get the best profit for your cash from the badminton shoes. The manner in which they land and give you a firm hold is essentially amazing. It couldn’t beat that, and obviously, you merit it when you have the Adidas logo on it.

What’s all the more astonishing about this combine is the dimension of solace. Regardless of whether it be simply wearing, running or bouncing around, they offer most extreme help, so you don’t get occupied.

The work material inside makes it increasingly breathable and keeps your feet dry for a most extreme time while you are on the court.

Elastic outsoles for hold
Breathable material for dry feet
Manufactured stable overlays giving strength
Light in weight

Finding the ideal size can be an issue
Marginally costly

Check Price

Combine these good badminton shoes with the best badminton racket and you will be beating your competition!


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