The Best Badminton Racket – Top 10 Guide By Professionals

A guide written by professionals so you can find the best badminton racket for smash and control – Designed with the player in mind!

All Badminton players want to know what the best Badminton racket is, whether they’re a beginner, intermediate or professional. That is why we have compiled this list of the best Badminton rackets for all skill levels. These reviews have been carefully written by expert Badminton players.

Without further ado, let us begin.

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RacketPriceMy Rating
Arcsaber 10Check Price9.9
Yonex Voltric 2017 NewCheck Price9.8
Yonex Arcsaber Z SlashCheck Price9.6
Yonex Arcsaber 11Check Price9.4
Yonex Voltric 7Check Price9.1
Yonex Voltric Z Force 2Check Price9
Yonex Voltric 80Check Price8.7
Yonex Voltric 5Check Price8.9
Yonex Arcsaber 002Check Price8
Yonex Nanospeed 9900Check Price9.9


I have created this guide of good badminton rackets to turn an average player to an average player and an average player to a great player!

The Arcsaber 10

one of the best badminton rackets

Yonex has definitely secured its position among the top high-quality brands of badminton rackets manufacturers because of its superb quality products. The Arcsaber 10 model not only emphasize the strong and comfortable feel of the racket it also targets incredibly cool graphics on its surface to enhance its aesthetics as well. To increase the precision of angle, its body is made a little twisted so every time you take a shot, it’ll aim next to perfect precision.

Additionally, for the increment of racquet’s strength, it is designed with an integrated T-piece. As the shaft of the racquet must be strong enough to keep up the balance during play, it is made with strong material that is durable and can work perfectly for long hours of play. This racquet feels super easy to hold, handle, and shoot in a timely manner with perfect balance. All these characteristics add in as a bonus to your match providing the upper edge. Badminton is the game of agility, mindfulness, strength, and timely speedy action, so whether you are defending or attacking swift strokes with this Arcsaber will take you to your winning set.

This model is made by merging all the available technology Yonex provides. With that, it comes with a carbon nanotube that enhances the flexibility and sturdiness of the racquet. Its High Module Graphite (HMG) assists in the production of repulsion power and the nanotube make it easy to hit the shuttle with full strength.

On the whole, Yonex Arcsaber 10 feels incredibly solid, comfortable, easy to handle, reasonably priced and is made with high-quality material, making it perfect for the beginners.


  • Made with (HMG) High Modulus Graphite.
  • Ultra Peak expiratory flow (PEF) shaft that enhances strength and durability.
  • Racquets are available pre-strung in the box.
  • You will get Legend’s Vision Case with the purchase.


  • It can be considered expensive for those that do not play Badminton seriously.

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Yonex Voltric 2017 New

best badminton racket

This Voltric badminton racquet guarantees incredible speed, power, and immense control. In terms of its superb qualities, it feels like an amazing, mixture of Armortec, Nanospeed technology, and Arcsaber, ultimately leading to excellent performance.

Aside from being a great option price wise, Yonex has incorporated highly advanced technology aspects in this model making it an exceptional racquet to make powerful shots alongside brilliant control and maneuverability. With its tri-voltage system, the racquet gives superb strength, agility, control, and power. Use of quality material with technological advancements ensure high speed and strength to the racquet. Perfectly done strings allow long hours of play with accurate, perfectly angled, and powerful shots.

With the distinctive aerodynamic structure, this racquet lets you hit perfectly and allows you to swing it at a perfect angle giving you a solid edge against the competitors. Availability of the support cap provides an extended surface that increases the ease of handling, control, and precision. Another advanced characteristic is its tri-voltage and integrated system of T-joints, both of which impressively shrink torque, enhance precision, and allow you to have more control over strikes. These features make it a perfect professional racquet but within amazingly affordable price.

On the whole, this technologically advanced racquet will smash hit with clarity, high precision, and perfect angle. Definitely works best for both beginner badminton players and professional players as well. One of the best Badminton rackets for smash.


  • Packaged pre-strung along with Yonex BG80.
  • Manufactured for varying skill stages.
  • Built-in Tri-voltage system increase power and strength.
  • A blend of Graphite and tungsten in shaft ensures lightweight and durability.
  • guarantees a full-length coverage.


  • Some people complained about the quality of the strings.

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Yonex Arcsaber 11

best badminton racket

Knowing the high quality of Arcsaber 10 next comes the Arcsaber 11 which is adorned with extensive technological advancements that promise more power, flexibility, and durability. It weighs 84 to 89 grams and has grip size G4 with 305 mm balance, all making it a perfect pick. Great thing is that its weight resides mostly at the upper head portion that allows more powerful and precise hitting.

Taking the appearance of this model into context, it is painted vibrant red amalgamated with neon colors in shades of white and yellow. In reference to graphics and holding feel of this racquet, it is much similar to the Arcsaber 10. Additionally, in the head of this model, “Sonic metal” is added, making it look thinner. The shaft is solid and stiff, and more tension is provided to the strings, but there is nothing to worry about its breakage.

While swinging the racquet in the air it feels incredibly powerful, gives minimal torque and provides accurate balance. Thus, proving best for defensive and attacking modes of the game.

All in all, the Arcsaber 11 model is an exceptional racquet which guarantees high power, more balance, accurate angle, and perfect shots for every game. Interestingly, the famous badminton players Taufik Hidayat use this model and company has made special edition which is on his name.


  • Particularly prepared for professional badminton players at the high skill level.
  • Enhance your performance, speed, the power of the shot, and agility.
  • Promises perfect balance and control.
  • Manufactured with High Modulus Graphite (HMG), Carbon nanotube in addition to the sonic metal material, all of which technological advancements provide leading to maximum durability and high quality.


  • Some of the customers have complained about receiving the racquets with broken strings when ordered however, these were obviously replaced.

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Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash

good badminton racket

For someone who plays defensively and with aggression, this model is a perfect pick. Its characteristics make it a suitable option for an attacking player, as it provides precise shot, domineering performance, impressive power, speed, and perfect balance.

Its marvelous design and structure tell everything about its precise and accurate results through incredible performance. It looks extremely powerful, chic, and stylish. With the solid and heavy head of this racquet, it guarantees powerful strokes and comfortable balance in the field.

Technologically speaking, it is exceptionally impressive, as it is adorned with CS Carbon Nanotube that ensures perfect repulsion and assists you in long hours of the game by providing precision, balance, power, and speed. Additionally, it comes with high modulus graphite that tremendously increase the repulsive power that is most desired by the attacking player. The stiffness of its shaft improves the precision of shots, and Ultra PEF enhances the accuracy, power, and balance of every strike, in addition to proving shock absorbing characteristics of the racquet.

To reduce the torque, it is built with T-joint which is superbly strong, incredibly durable and amazingly sturdy, allowing you to tackle each and every shot with superb accuracy. Also, it provides you with controlled support that increases maneuverability and ensures perfectly timed shots. On the whole, it is perfect for all the hitting styles of the game.


  • Its smashing power makes it the perfect pick for aggressive professional players.
  • It provides you with marvelous control and balance, providing you with comfort and ease to concentrate on your game.
  • Its aerodynamic design extends and the wideness of the head which dramatically increases the maneuverability.
  • Its affordable price makes it worth to try.


  • The design, structure and technological graphics are not suitable for any defensive player.
  • It is suitable for players with a high skill level, and not for the beginners.

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Yonex Voltric 7

best badminton rackets for beginners

Voltric 7 is a renowned name for being one of the topmost favorited racquet of the Yonex brand. It is suitable for any badminton player, no matter what their skill level is, as it ensures excellent performance with perfect balance throughout the game.

This model provides incredible performance with a great feel, perfect control, and accurate balance. As the frame of this racquet is made with High Modulus Graphite (HMG) and tungsten so it promises high quality of the structure and durability. Moreover, it weighs just 83 grams and has a thinner frame making it perfect to handle and playing a powerful shot. You will feel medium flex during the play, which pushes you to make a free swing with full power and force.

In reference to its technological manufacturing, the head is shaped according to isometric symmetry, which results in 30% extension of the COP by ensuring the same measurements to cross and main strings in which provides a greater edge in comparison with normal models of the racquets. Additionally, it has a tri-voltage system that makes the frame stiff, solid and strong, providing extended contact of the shuttle and ensuring precise strikes. Plus, the frame sides are comparatively thinner, thus reducing the weight and increasing the balance, power, accuracy, and speed of shots.


  • No need to string up the racquet as these are pre-strung.
  • The weight of the racquets is light and easy to handle.
  • Provides superb balance, power, and comfort.
  • Offers medium flex.
  • Highly durable due to High Modulus Graphite (HMG) and the tungsten frame, both provides longevity as well.
  • Available in 2 color options
  • Highly affordable for everyone.
  • The design is excellent for players of any skill level.


  • Some of Yonex’s customers have an issue with string quality, as they loosen up after playing a few months.

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Yonex Voltric Z Force 2

best badminton racquet

This model was introduced by Yonex back in 2014 and is still super popular among the players. Lee Chong Wei, top badminton player is among one of its admirers, and users. Not only its performance is great but it is also aesthetically beautiful. Previous models look simple but with catchy graphics, superb designs, and attractive colors to make it look amazing.

Talking about the structural design, it has a bit heavy yet with a small head, providing superb power, and perfect balance to play. Plus, thin shaft reduces the repulsion through the air and also make it lightweight and easy to handle. Additionally, use of tungsten in the frame increase its durability.

Performance wise, the heaviness of its head improves the power, speed, and balance of every shot. Its sweet spot is placed higher that gives you the authority to adjust your racquet as per your comfort. And with the thin shaft, you will forget about the aerodynamic hindrance. You will surely feel the powerful grip, firmness of the shaft and balancing agility while holding it. It will definitely give you control in the game. It comes with racquet cover as well for its proper safety at different courts.


  • Provides the thinnest yet incredibly durable shaft.
  • Has a high-quality tri-voltage system that provides great smashing power.
  • Enhanced stiffness of the strings which guarantees extensive durability.
  • Cool appearance with unique graphics and availability in neon color better the aesthetics.


  • Immense stiffness of the strings can increase chance of early breakage if used improperly.

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Yonex Voltric 80

yonex badminton racket

Launched in the year 2011, Voltric 80 came into the public eye at the All England Badminton Championships and has never looked back since then. It provides a perfect blend of superb performance, advanced technology, and sturdy design. Appearance wise, it is adorned with colorful graphics and is delivered in stylish yet incredibly safe full-length racquet bag. Additionally, as per your preference, you can choose your favorite color among white, black and gold.

As far as its design is concerned, Yonex has done great again. Thin frame with Nanospeed 9900, Z slash like aerodynamic features, and solid shaft are all set to give a powerful performance, durability, and perfect shots. The head is heavy but comparatively lighter than AT700 but guarantees sturdy performance, perfect balance, and agility. Thin yet solid shaft increases its holding power for long hours of the game, and you can compare it with the performance of Z slash apart from an extra 1cm length to provide an accurate sweet spot. The ungraded frame and shaft ensures a powerful performance.

Moreover, string tension is perfect and you can start playing as soon as you receive the package at the doorstep. But if you are someone who likes extra tension, then the strings can easily be adjusted manually. Increasing the tension is not recommended as it increases the chances of breakage.

On the whole, this model is perfectly suitable for aggressively playing people. You’ll hear a powerful hitting sound with every stroke, and the extended sweet spot increase your chances of succeeding in the game.


  • Ensures powerful strikes and smashing shots.
  • Gives enhanced control and balance due to solid shaft and frame.
  • Provides you with perfect maneuverability.


  • This model is not suitable for beginners but for intermediately skilled and advanced skilled players.

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Yonex Voltric 5

yonex racket

This model by Yonex is particularly famous for its power, control, balance, and speed. Being ranked among the most powerful performing racquets, it still comes at an amazingly affordable price and is cheaper in comparison with other models of similar performance such as the Voltric 80 and Votric 70. In such a superb price tag, this model provides you with exceptional technology, strengthened shots and enhanced maneuverability. Talking about its design, it is painted black with yellowish hues that enhance its aesthetics.

Aerodynamically, you will feel swiftness in your strokes with amazing swings and easy handling. The tri-voltage system of the frame allows you to smash hit with full power, perfect balance, and complete control. Also one of the best Badminton rackets for smash.The string bed is perfectly adjusted to provide extended holding time to the shuttle for controlled strokes. Plus, it has a support cap that provides an extended surface for easy handling of this racquet.

Solid shaft and wider frame make serving quite easy yet powerful. As the head is heavy so you can flawlessly hit the shuttle long and hard. It allows perfect clears, maximum precision, perfect balance, and firm control. You can perform clears superbly well with this racquet. By spending less, you can make your game stand out with this technologically savvy racquet model.


  • Ensures marvelous performance.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • Powerful performance guarantee makes it a perfect pick for the aggressive players.
  • With the Tri-voltage system in the frame, it enhances agility, speed, and overall performance.
  • It is highly Durable and provides superb stability.


  • Only suitable for beginners or players with intermediate badminton skills.

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Yonex Arcsaber 002


Yonex certainly takes pride in making topmost favorite racquets, and among these Arcsaber 002 is definitely the best one. It is lightweight, easy to handle, topnotch smashing strokes, provides incredible balance, and also increase the stability and comfort in long rounds of the game. Its perfectly adjusted strings lets you start playing right away with no need to string it manually. Its maximum tension through factory settings is 24 lbs that are perfect for a great match. You will definitely feel an elevation in your performance with these racquets, and a comfortable feel as well.

The apparel of racquets is really cool with vibrantly colored graphics. You can choose your preferred color among dark red, white and red. You will get these racquets in a perfectly sized racquet bag and you can travel with these in any sort of environment without being worried about the safety.

In the design, you will experience a little flex while swinging the shaft. This medium flex enhances the strength of your shot. Additionally, like all other models of Yonex brand, this racquet is also built with a T-joint system, which tremendously reduces the torque and increases durability. This T-joint prevents your wrist to twist while aiming off-center strikes.

The design of this model is not perfect aerodynam which can cause a little bit of a hindrance. Therefore, you may feel resistance while swinging your shaft in the air. Nonetheless, it doesn’t affect your performance in any way. On the whole, it is priced reasonably and offers great performance in the game.


  • Use of Nano-air spring technology to enhance control, improve angular accuracy and overall performance.
  • Lets you experience medium flex that increases comfort level.
  • Use of latest 4U and G4 grip makes its quality even better.
  • The durability is improved with the use of graphite.


  • No aerodynamic design in the head which can cause resistance and little drag.

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Yonex Nanospeed 9900

ultimate badminton racket

For those badminton lovers who strive for speed, this racquet Nanospeed 9900will serve the best. It makes shots crispy and brisk by providing lethal smashes, breezy swings and hard-hitting shots that lead to the win. Its maneuverability is outstanding. It is one of the best performing products available in the market now as it offers a perfect blend of defense, dominance, and power.

You will surely feel the amazement and incredible excitement while playing with this racquet for the first time. Its engineering is done with the latest technology that results in a powerful performance in the court. While appearance wise it surely is a stunner with a black painted body that has orange, white and red stripes to make it look even more beautiful and attractive.

This model gives incredible repulsion power with brilliant stability, all because of its X-fullerene resin incorporation in the body. This enhances the repulsion power of the racquet by 5%, and the amount of stability increment is recorded to be 15%.

The body is manufactured by using carbon nanoparticles and the X-fullerene resin, and this combination is the significance of Yonex brand and ensures the strength of the shaft and great performance while keeping the weight easy to handle. One thing makes this model distinctive and unique is the presence of the aero frame and box frame. Combination of these frames a greater powerful performance with smashing hits and speedy strokes.

Like all other models of Yonex brand, it also has T-joint which promises high accuracy of angles, better stability to the shuttle and great maneuverability. Additionally, it comes with a support cap that provides more control, easy handling, and flawless strokes. All in all, the performance with this racquet will get you closer to your win with every shot. This racquet feels sold, strong and comfortable in hands, so welcome Nanospeed 9900 and forget about panicking under pressure. It comes with a shock absorbing feature that adds into its stability, durability, and strength.


  • Increase your speed, agility, and accuracy.
  • Gives improved control and enhanced maneuverability that combines to result in great performance.
  • Provides better-quality defensive strikes, thus an appropriate choice for defensive players.


  • This model is suitable for highly skilled professional players, and not for the beginners.

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In addition to having a good badminton racket, all great players need the best badminton shoes (we have a guide for that too! Just click it).


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