Buyers Guide

There are different  component of racket  for example Grip , Material , Head Shape , Shaft Flexibility , Balance , Material , String Tension .

What is Grip of Badminton Racket

The grip is from where you hold the racket  . It is denoted by G in Yonex badminton racket , it comes in variance from G1 to G5 .

whereas G1  & G2  is having large diameter and it is  designed for  those  who are having relatively  large hands.

Smaller grip size will allow for finger power/ wrist action to be used whereas  a bigger grip size  will utilize more of  arm.

There are different  ways you can grip/ hold  your racket depending upon your style of play ( How to hold the racket ) .

G4 is the standard grip and most of the Yonex  badminton racket comes in this size only .

G1G2 G3G4G5G5
4 inch3.75 inch3.5 inch3.25 inch3 inch2.75 inch
Grip Dimension

While in Lining  (another badminton  racket  manufacturing company) comes in S1 and S2 Grip sizes

Extra  SmallSmall

Weight of Badminton Racket

Most  standard badminton rackets comes in weight from 85-92g( Without the string and grip ). It is donated by U.

 U and 2U considered to be power  racket and it is recommended for professional players  and if you are beginner I would recommend you for 3U i.e Light racket .

For heavy weight racket more  finger and wrist is used and  for light weight arm is used

75-79.9 gm80-84.9 gm85-92 gm90-94.9 gm95-99.9 gm

Head Shape of Badminton Racket

There two types of  shape  either Oval shape or Isometric .

  • Isometric

In Isometric  shape there is  larger  sweet spot for beginner to play more efficiently

If you are beginner I would recommend to have Isometric  frame , the reason is larger sweet spot make it easier to hit a shot without putting to much power and result into better short .

  • Oval Shape

While on the other side, Oval shape badminton rackets will be with small small sweet spot and it will result into more power .

I will recommend these type of rackets to professional or advanced  players .

Because of small sweet spot more power will be delivered  and more accuracy is required.

Material of Badminton Racket

Badminton racket is made up of either Wood , Aluminum, Steel , Carbon ,Graphite , Aluminum & Steel .

If you are  beginner and just starting we will recommend for Steel / Aluminum .

if you are intermediate then you can think of Carbon Fiber and for professional we will recommend for Graphite as it will be most expensive one. 

BeginnerSteel/ Aluminum
IntermediateCarbon Fiber