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Advance Badminton was  founded  for the  purpose of  spreading the information and   knowledge  about badminton . How to play Badminton . What this Sports is all about and many more things .

Badminton  was  My First Love and will be forever. I  Started playing when I was 9 year old,   Now I am 42 year old (2020) and at that time  I represented my  state  and participated in National Level Championship .  Moreover won school level championship also and received many accolade  .

 I still believe people take this sports as a backyard play  but actually this sports  has lot more than just hobby .



Our mission is to create more awareness, educate the people towards this game. I am sharing all of the knowledge, information, whatever we have, so that it can reach to larger part of the community across the globe.

The site will help a lot of people who are professional or non professional. You will get complete review of Badminton Rackets, Shuttle, Strings. I have covered all of the aspects from buying badminton rackets, Rules of Badminton, material used by top badminton players.

Through Advance Badminton we aim to reach like minded people across globe and connect with Badminton enthusiasts. Hope to make larger community!


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