5 Best Yonex Badminton shoes for Womens

When it is about Badminton, the roots of Yonex as a brand run quite deep. It is almost like people associate Yonex with the sport instantly. Right from the foundation of the company in 1957, Badminton has been a part of the company’s core.  

Badminton is a fast-paced sport, involves a strategic approach, and the right equipment if you wish to excel at it. What would you do if you need to take a brisk leap and hit the Shuttlecock before your opponent scores a point? Won’t you require the perfect pair of Yonex Badminton shoes women’s to help you make a swift move? 

Running from one corner of the court to another is possible only with the support of a comfortable, flexible, and stellar pair of Badminton shoes. 

Do you know what some of the star Badminton players have to say about Yonex Badminton shoes women’s? They say these are the third essentials in the list they would recommend to every Badminton player. The first and the second being Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks! 

If you are still wondering if Yonex is the right choice for you, we have some other facts that can help. The company has been consistently rated as one of the top brands for badminton accessories over the years. It also sponsors several badminton championships over the globe. 

Hence, if you want to perfect every jump and every smash, the right fit of shoes will certainly help. So, get to know about the best Yonex Badminton shoes for women in this complete guide.

If you are looking for the perfect shoes for your next badminton tournament, these might be the one. The Eclipsion shoes by Yonex are the latest edition badminton shoes that provide power and comfort. These are also one of the most stylish pairs of Yonex Badminton shoes women that you will come across. 

The upper and midsole of these Yonex shoes are made from high-quality synthetic fiber. This will help you in outdoors and indoors alike. The upper skin is quite an improvement from previous versions. Moreover, the design seems to improve the durability of the shoes.

One of the best qualities of the shoes is the ToughBrid Light feature. This allows the shoes to be highly elastic and flexible while being lighter in weight. These are approximately 11% lighter than a standard Toughbrid shoe, which produces lesser stress for the leg and the knees.

The outsole and power cushion are constructed from the standard rubber material. Yonex trusts this model to provide a high degree of stability and fit the players. Some other features in these pairs of Yonex badminton shoes are the shock absorption technology, synchro fit insole, and inner bootie.  



  1. Hexa-grip and round sole for smooth movement
  3. Shock absorption up to 28%
  4. Helps to improves stability 
  5. Looks durable and appealing


  1. It is a little expensive

The Aerus 3 LX Ladies shoes are the lightest pair of badminton shoes from Yonex. If you want shoes that will let you fly high to give the perfect smash, these are the shoes for you. 

Another great quality of these shoes is the superior ventilation for your feet. However, you will not see any compromise in the quality even with the lightness and air pass. The shoes work well for both professionals and amateur badminton players.

The upper skin of these Yonex shoes is made from double mesh. It is quite durable and light for badminton shoes. Moreover, the vibrant color gives a dash of style to the players.

The outsole is made from rubber, which allows a good amount of elasticity to the shoes. To improve the stability of the player, these shoes also include a super-light graphite sheet right under the middle part of the foot.

The insoles of the shoes are the best part due to the quality material and shape. The shape allows the heels to hold position firmly and not slip forward. These shoes are good for maintaining high stability and stay light feet. If you are looking for a combination of flexibility, lightness, comfort, and breathability in your shoes, there is the perfect fit! 


  • Super lightweight shoes weighing 270g
  • Allows high ventilation
  • Includes a graphite sheet to maintain position
  • Insoles have a great shape for maintaining stability


  • The upper skin might not be as durable as the PU leather 

3.Best Shoes on a Budget - Yonex Power Cushion 65X Women

Not many shoes provide you a combination of price and comfort. While several shoes are to your liking, they might not meet your budget. These pairs of Yonex Badminton Shoes Womens will not fail to impress you.

The bright white and mint colors are quite classy and elegant looking. However, the looks are not even the best part of these shoes. The shoes have a strong support system, consisting of triple-layered power cushions.  

Yonex conducts several tests to ensure more than 12% repulsion in these shoes. Hence, you will get the perfect bounce for every shot. The shoes also ensure a safe landing, without causing strain on your legs. These are created to ensure a minimum shock absorption of 25%. 

The upper of the shoes seem quite durable with PU leather skin. An advantage of this material is that it is waterproof to some extent. However, these are indoor shoes and might not be completely suitable for outdoor courts.

Similar to other Yonex Badminton Shoes Women’s in the list, this model also includes a sturdy rubber hexagon grip. The out sole creates a strong bottom and side grip. Hence, you do not need to worry about losing balance with these shoes. 


  • 3-layer power cushions
  • Allows more than 12% shock absorption
  • Hexagon power grip
  • Comparatively cheaper than other alternatives


  • Lesser air exchanges
  • Not appropriate for outdoor courts

4. Best Fitting Shoes – Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z2 Women’s Badminton Shoes

While you will find a great fit in all Yonex Badminton Shoes Womens, the Z2 version has one of the best fits. These shoes will be fantastic for beginners whose main concern is comfort. However, these will be equally helpful for advanced players. 

These super comfortable shoes have a double raschel mesh. It makes the shoes quite breathable. The mesh fabric can provide about 8 times more air exchange than regular mesh material.

The upper of these shoes have an asymmetric design that matches the foot structure. The curved eyelet at the center of the shoes helps to properly snug the foot. Moreover, the toe assist shapes to provide more support to the toes and heels. This allows you to have swift, smooth movements.

These badminton shoes Yonex provides also have some great features to ensure comfort. The inner knit bootie at the opening of the shoe improves it. Moreover, there needs to be a mention of the unique sole design. The hexagon grip round sole certainly helps to improve the grip and maximize energy transfer. 

You will find these shoes being used in all types of places. The power cushion and shock absorption features of the Yonex shoes that make them stand out from other brands are available in this one too. Hence, it is unlikely that you have any complaints from these shoes.



  • Durable and breathable mesh skin.
  • The asymmetric snug-fitting upper shape.
  • Includes graphite sheets and toe assist shape to improve stability


  • Lesser air exchanges.
  • Not appropriate for outdoor courts

5. Best Shock Absorption Shoes – Yonex 65Z Wide Shoes

If you are looking for shoes that can provide the best comfort, these shoes are the perfect fit.  The 65Z Wide is one of the best pair of Yonex shoes that allows room for wide feet. Moreover, it is a unisex product which considerably increases its usage.

As these shoes include the latest technology, they will do a good job. You can sport them in matches and practices without any trouble. The upper skin is built with PU leather and ensures durability. Meanwhile, the outsoles are made from high-quality rubber material.

One of the advantageous features is the power cushion plus technology that reduces shock by 25%. These also allow you to make swift footwork movements. These shoes are particularly useful in increasing the speed of your game.

One of the unique features is the lateral shell of the shoes. The shell structure is present on the outside of the shoes. It prevents the legs from sliding towards the sides. This feature also reduces power loss.

Meanwhile, you will also find some great features like the TOughBrid Light and round soles. Hence, you can be sure of the lightweight of these shoes. Round soles enable the wider gripping area to transfer maximum energy.

Overall, these pair of shoes will not disappoint you in any aspect. With the navy blue and white design, these are a good addition to your badminton attire. 



Durable and breathable mesh skin

The asymmetric snug-fitting upper shape

Includes graphite sheets and toe assist shape to improve stability


It is a little expensive

Provides lesser breathability to the feet

Buying Guide

While you are selecting the perfect pair of badminton shoes, there are several factors to keep in mind. These factors are quite important to avoid several issues while playing. The two major concerns faced by players with wrong shoes are reduction in performance and more prone to injuries.

Some of the factors to consider are as follows:

Well-fitted shoes

There are a variety of badminton shoes to choose from in the market. So what are some additional features you need to look for? One thing that will help you immensely is the shape of the shoes. Look for shapes that will improve your stability. 

A shape that supports your toes, heels and the middle foot should be a good choice. You should go for a pair of shoes that follow an Ergoshape technology that provides maximum stability.

Shock absorption abilities

While Badminton is a fun sports activity, it also creates stress on the legs. Especially your knees and ankles are susceptible to more strain while playing Badminton. Hence, you need shoes that have a cushion to save you from the shocks.  

A cushion sheet acts as extra padding to save you from unwanted shocks. Moreover, these also help in the smooth energy transfer between the movements. This allows you to maximize your performance.



The game of Badminton depends a lot on your grip and command. So it is beneficial to look for shoes with instant grip soles. The perfect grip allows you to switch instantly between movements and reduces energy loss. 

To ensure a good grip, consider two main factors. The shape of the soles and the design on the soles. A round shape sole provides equal support throughout the foot and maximizes grip. Similarly, the design on the soles should have equal distribution on all pressure points. A honeycomb-shaped pattern works best for badminton shoes.


It is a tedious task to change your badminton shoes frequently. Hence, it is always recommendable to look for shoes that last longer. The upper skin of the shoes is prone to wear and tear due to constant stress. However, you also need a material that is not too rigid. Here you need to strike a balance between durability and flexibility.  

Flexible materials include rubber and mesh. You should go with synthetic fiber for the upper skin to get both features.


Comfort is something that cannot be compromised in badminton shoes. A pair of uncomfortable shoes can adversely affect your performance. However, what matters are the additional features than improve overall comfort.

Some of these can be breathable shoes that offer air exchange. A good air exchange reduces moisture accumulation on your feet. You can also look for good quality inner bootie over conventional ones to maximize comfort. 


Shoe weight

Another important factor that ensures a comfortable fit is the weight of the shoes. Heavy weighing shoes can bring you down. These also require extra effort while you are going for a smash.

While these might not be an issue for beginners, but certainly are of importance to advanced level players. So you need to select the shoes based on your skill level too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Badminton shoes are made for quick leg movement and easy-grip technology. These shoes also work towards maintaining some important features like an anti-slip design. Another essential feature is a wear-resistant material usage, to avoid hassles.

Selecting a size for badminton shoes should not be too different than your normal pair of shoes. A loose pair of shoes can lead to injuries and strain on the legs. These can also cause a lot of discomfort while playing shots.
Meanwhile, a tightly fitted shoe can be equally harmful. These shoes will compromise on your stability and grip. If your toes are bent, you will have a hard time maintaining a stable stance.

It is suggested that you don’t use running shoes while playing Badminton. This is primarily because running shoes fail to provide additional support and cushion. Running shoes are also comparatively heavier than badminton shoes.
Another major difference between the two types of shoes is the sole. Running shoes support the more horizontal movement. These are built to promote forward movement. Meanwhile, you want shoes that support lateral movement while playing Badminton.

Yes, there might be limitations to going ahead with a cheaper version of the shoe. Badminton shoes are comparatively expensive due to the premium use of materials and superior build. The shoe design is specific to encourage footwork.
If shoes are cheap, there are chances that there is a compromise in either of the two factors. However, if you are running on a budget, go ahead with a trustworthy brand with a strong customer base.

It is an easy task to maintain badminton shoes. Especially if you have indoor shoes, these are less prone to damage and dirt. Something which can cause issues is the unpleasant smells from your sweat.

To get rid of the smell, you can take the inner sole and wash them as per the instructions on the manual. You can also sprinkle anti-bacterial spray on the inner of the shoes. Another method to get rid of the smell is to insert unused tea bags. Placing tea bags inside the shoes helps to reduce the unpleasant smells significantly.


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