Best 5 Ping Pong Table

However, when it comes to table tennis, the hardest part lies in how to find the best ping pong table. We have made this easy for you .

There are multiple tables with different frame area, playing surface design, body materiality, and a lot more.

To help you with easier choosing, we have curated a cheatsheet of the top five ping pong tables to give a try.

Do you wish to take your table tennis skills a notch higher while at the same time cutting the cost corners?

ell, believe it or not, investing in the best ping pong table will let you play the favorite sport conveniently at the comfort of your yard or room.

Modern tables come in different designs that guarantee unique kind of gaming experience that is comparable to none.

Private ping pong tables are surging in popularity as a viable option for people on tight schedules.

They offer a breeze for people who do not like sharing gaming halls with strangers. Most of them are also portable and efficient enough for both indoor and outdoor gaming.

1) Joola Inside Ping Pong Table

Joola Inside is the number #1 and best-selling ping pong table on Amazon and by Joola.

Unlike the previous models by the manufacturer, this ping pong table comes in a sleek frame and two nesting halves that are sepparable for compact storage and easy playback mode.

Joola Inside comes in a wooden composite surface that is 5/8 inch thick which is not only durable but also provide an excellent bounce effect.

Supporting the wooden top are four steel legs that measure 1.5-inch each in diameter.

Also, attached to the legs are leavers for height adjustment and 3-inch roller caster used to lock the wheels in place for stability.

Just below the top is a 1.5 inch apron used to lock the halves into a leveled height to prevent sagging.

However, though the table is USSAT approved for ping pong and table tennis games, it is not ideal for proffessional matches.

The top’s thickness fall short of the recommended size.

Other key features of this table include: dual safety anti-tilting device, adjustable net, and removable clamp post.


  • Comes in 95% pre-assembled body
  • Sturdy and level play surface
  • Net tension adjustment feature
  • Durable steel legs for lifetime durability
  • 137 lbs weight


Not ideal for pro gaming.

2) Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table

Boost your professional gaming skills by acquiring the new Stiga Advantage indoor ping pong table, a unique set of equipment that is engineered and 95% preassembled by Stiga company.

Quality and sturdy playing surface is a major consideration among pro gamer.

Stiga took into account this element to come up with a thick dark blue tabletop that measures 5/8-inches thick.

The top is not only durable but also guarantees excellent bounce back effect.

Stiga Advantage comes in two halves that you can use as independent caster beams or freestanding multi-use tables.

For seamless storage, you can nest the halves together to come up with an ultra-compact piece that saves on space.

Stiga Advantage also come with a matte-black coated apron that you can use to cojoin the independent halves together. The appron is made of steel for longevity.

Some other key features of this table include: Tournament grade net and post set that measures 72 inch, safety latch system, and self-opening steel legs with rubber wheels.


  • Rubber wheels to minimize scratch on floor
  • Proffessional grade net and post
  • Playback option
  • Clamp style attachment for ease of dismantling and re-assembling
  • UV coated top


  • The net comes with a slightly bigger rip

3. Butterfly centerfold Ping Pong Table

Centerfold ping pong tables are popular for their ease of set-up.

They are the best option when looking for an easy-to-move tennis table that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear forces.

Butterfly centerfold is a wooden ping pong table that comes in a 1-inch top for excellent playability.

It uses the fold and roll design and an additional safety latch for efficient storage. 

The order package comes in the form of a fully-assembled accessory. So you won’t need to stress yourself out joining the legs to the fold-able beam to start your game officially.

Butterfly centerfold stands on four roster legs that you can adjust at your convenience.

Attached on the legs are 5-inch rubber wheels that you can use to move the accessory around your residence.

Butterfly centerfold net is highly efficient for novice, intermediate, and pro gaming.

It comes in a high-quality Europa tournament net-set that is ITTF approved.

This ping pong table weighs around 383 lb (package weight) and measures 64 x 54 x 16 inches.


  • Five-year guarantee
  • No assembly
  • Fold and roll design
  • Championship net


  • May feel heavier to carry up or downstairs.

4. Joola Regulation table conversion top-up

Joola regulation table is a table tennis top that you can use to convert your billiard board to a fully functional tennis table. Since it is temporarily fixed on the board, you can use it to design both indoor and outdoor tables.

The conversion top comes in a sleek multilayered top measuring 9×5 inches. It is also 15mm thick to create an excellent bounce-back when gaming. Around the margins of the tabletop is also a multilayered board that prevents warping.

Joola regulation top is easy to assemble. It features a clamp-style assembling technique where the two halves are pulled towards each other and clamped to form one piece.

The conversion table also comes with an EVA foam rubber used to cushion the top to the billiard to avoid this table is your all-time breeze.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly versatile
  • Clamp-style assembling for safety
  • Eva foam paddy for protection


  • May not be an ideal option when looking for permanent installation

5. MD Sports TableTennis Set

MD sports is a professional table tennis top made by a reputable US company.

It is highly efficient for fast-paced championship games.

It also offers a breeze when looking for a training kit to carry with you whenever you are breaking for a trip or vacation. 

MD sports table comes in a sleek top measuring 1 inch in thickness. It guarantees excellent playability at any time of the day.

The top is painted blue and surrounding with a thin sheet of UV curated board to prevent warping.

You can count on it for all indoor and outdoor table tennis.

At the center of the foldable top is a clamp that pieces the two panels together to make one piece

This table weighs 113lbs—slightly lighter than most regular tables.

It also stands on four steel legs with rubber roller wheels for compatibility. The legs are painted black for greater aesthetic value.


  • Versatile
  • Highly compatible
  • Foldable into two pieces


  • More delicate

How to Buy Ping pong table .

The best table should not cost both arm and toe.

Unless you are a professional gamer, you should not stress yourself going for a high-end table.

Here are crucial elements to focus on whenever you want to buy ping pong table online or off-line.

1. The play surface

Ping pong tables come in different types of tabletops with play surfaces that range between 1/2( Half) to 1-inch thickness.

The best surface should be medium-thick. For excellent bounce effect, go for the 3/4 -inch or 19 mm thick play surface.

A thin play surface warps easily. Whereas, thicker coatings affect the bounce-back of the tennis ball.

Generally, how the top is made matters a great deal since some tops come with additional finishing board around the margins to prevent warping. You can check out for that too.

2. The material

Most indoor ping pong tables feature wood surfaces since they are long-lasting and have elements of personality and style.

On the other hand, most gamers install aluminum tables for outdoor games since they can stand humidity, extreme temperatures, and rain with negligible effects.

If you are looking for an excellent table to install in your office or room, you should enlist a wooden-surfaced table.

On the contrary, a weatherproof table, preferably aluminum, has you covered for outdoor games.

3. The lock design

Some ping pong tables are lockable while others are not. 

With a lockable tennis table, once you unfold the playing surface, the locking system will keep it intact by preventing the boards from falling back hence protecting from injuries.

4. Assembly

Most ping pong tables come in separate parts.

When choosing your ideal table, ask whether there are accompanying tools that you will use to piece it up together.

Otherwise, most companies will do that on your behalf at some discounted rates.

5. Height

You do not want something too low that keep you bent throughout the game.

On the other hand, a high-level table will undermine your accuracy while also causing discomfort on the elbow when gaming.

Depending on your height, a medium-high table can be your ideal bet.

Table heights are commensurate to the thickness of the material used for the top. Resin laminate tops are thinner and more weatherproof compared to chipboards. They make ideal heights when used over medium-high legs.

6. Portability

If you are torn between buying an outdoor ping pong table or the indoor one, you can consider acquiring a portable ping pong table.

These tables are not only lightweight but also engineered for ease of dismantling and re-assembling. They are your ideal bet when looking for a table that you can transport and use miles away from home.

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